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Mantain Your Bone Density

What You Need to Maintain Your Bone Density in Order to Fight Osteoporosis

By: KnowYourInnerSelf ,

The bones are mainly composed of collagen and calcium phosphate. Collagen, the connective tissue hardened part of the bone is that the calcium phosphate, and bone health, his life has been significantly reduced due to bone fractures. That is why it is essential to complement this framework with vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good bone density at the time of his life, when bone density is likely to deteriorate.

It starts to happen, aged 30 to 35 and women at menopause accelerates when their ovaries stop producing the hormone estrogen, which is needed to maintain bone health. At the time of their bone mass drops former involves the creation of a condition known as the osteopenia, or reduced bone mass, osteoporosis and then, when bones are fragile, porous and very sensitive fractures.

Before looking at what we can do to improve your chances of developing osteoporosis, is close to how to develop the bone, making it easier to understand the corrective measures that can be taken.

Calcium is the most common mineral in the body, and the vast majority is in bones and teeth. Phosphorus is also important for bone health because, as already mentioned, which is composed of collagen in the bones, which hardened by calcium phosphate. The two main uses of phosphorus in bone structure of animals and metabolism, as phosphates are also essential for the vast majority of the production of energy from chemical reactions in your body.

Calcium has other functions within the organization with the exception of bones, but included the exchange of fluids within and between cells, maintaining your heart and blood clotting. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium from their diet, through the membrane of the duodenum. More calcium is absorbed in the small intestine, and calcium is also the majority of jobs when it is a form soluble in water.

In fact, the reason that in his kidney stones, for example, is that calcium is insoluble by the formation of calcium oxalate oxalic acid in foods such as soya beans and rhubarb. Fat regimes May also slow the absorption of calcium.

The estrogen plays an important role in bone physiology, and is an important factor in maintaining bone density in women. Bone is living tissue and is constantly absorbed and transformed life. The role of estrogen is a good balance between osteoclasts, cells that absorb bone, and osteoblasts, cells that the new bone tissue.

When estrogen is bad, this balance is lost, and instead of bone formation and resorption, constantly, to take place in surges, an initial area of new bone is formed, and then produce the absorption of some weeks later, resulting in a structure where there is a gap between the areas of bone. Over time, these increases in the gaps and weaken the integrity of bone structure.

This is not all. The effect of estrogen is to limit the period of active osteoclasts, so that areas of the bone is absorbed by the body are relatively low, so that the bone cavity can be removed easily fill with new bone by osteoblasts, which are driven by estrogen. When estrogen is imperfect, is not only the activity of bone, osteoblasts reduced, but the bone absorption of osteoclast activity is not regulated, and the deepest holes in the bone structure of osteoblasts able to fill.

The result is the loss of bone, more bone is reabsorbed formed. The end result of all that is the spongy bone tissue with many tiny holes and also with larger areas of bone missing. Finally, given a critical point and fractures in normal use. A simple transfer from one stage to another of breaking a bone in his weakest point, as the hip, where the collar bone thinning.

Not everyone is in the same risk, and there are certain risk factors, you should be aware of each of which could increase the potential for the development of weak bones. The condition affects mainly white or Asian women, and those with a small frame. If you smoke and drink too much alcohol, are also more prone to osteoporosis, even if exercise can help prevent. An inadequate intake of calcium and vitamin D also helps, and magnesium is an essential element of the development of strong bones.

The U. S. Department of Agriculture has conducted surveys that show American women only 50% of calcium recommended for good bone density. It is not only on foods that calcium is necessary for bone formation, but also magnesium and boron, and vitamin D helps calcium absorption in the intestine.

If you're on steroids, can make you prone to the disease of fragile bones. Unfortunately, the symptoms of osteoporosis is not clear until it has been a significant amount of bone loss, which explains why women after menopause, and more than 65 years, there should be a Exploration of bone density (DXA test). It is important to understand that osteoporosis is a disease that is not considered as such: you can not "capture", but was prepared following a gradual reduction in bone mineral density of your structure.

Their diet is important for you to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis later in life, and your lifestyle is also important. To reduce their daily consumption of alcohol will certainly help, and cigarette smoking has further delayed the activity of bone cells to create. Calcium and vitamin D help, but not limited to them.

If you want to maintain the smooth functioning of the bone and beyond menopause through the stage of life, you should take a supplement containing a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy balance between the loss natural and bone regeneration. There is more to ensure that only calcium and vitamin D supplement to a balanced and takes them out of hand. You can watch the knowledge that you do what is good for your body and bone density.


Cold and Flu Symptoms

Cold and Flu Symptoms
By: jenifer Hobson ,

You almost certainly are aware that giving your immune system a helping hand can ward off colds and the flu. But did you know that ordinary exposure to toxic chemicals in your everyday life can actually raise your probability of becoming sick?

Catching a cold or flu require introduction to bacteria and viruses and a body with a weak immune system. When bacteria and viruses come across a strong immune system, the immune system recognizes the bacteria or virus as a foreign invader and fights them off. But when the body's immune system is compromised, it can't do its job of protecting us next to the bacteria and viruses that can make us sick.

Unfortunately, nowadays, our immune systems are exposed to a torrent of toxic chemicals that can weaken its capability to defend the health of our bodies. Plastics, pesticides, and pollutants of all kinds are in most customer products. And virtually all of these chemicals can harm the immune system, leaving your body vulnerable to attack.

On the other hand, from time to time what may seem like a cold or flu may not be a cold or flu at all, but is actually a poisoning. In the wintertime, for example, during the "flu season," many families turn on their gas heat. Exposure to combustion by-products from burning gas can outcome in flu symptoms. Taking a cold or flu remedy won't help relieve those symptoms of toxic exposure.

Cold and flu symptoms can also be a sign that your body is at work to eliminate toxic chemicals it has been exposed to. A runny nose or sneezing might be a cold, or it might be the body trying to clear out nasal passages that have been inhaling toxic chemicals. There are a lot of toxic exposures in the standard American home. A lot of fact that there is a whole class of chemicals Known as immunotoxicants which by definition cause increased incidence or severity of infectious diseases.

Removing immunotoxicants from your home will do even more than stop colds and flu--it will protect you and your family from all contagious diseases, including bronchitis and pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, mumps, whopping cough, and others. Flu shots and vaccinations? Removing immuntoxics from your home allows your immune system to regenerate naturally, and fight off all infectious diseases.
Here are five simple things you can to start eliminating immunotoxicants from your home and strengthen your immune system.
  1. Open the window. During the winter, we keep windows closed to keep warm and save energy, but this also keeps toxic chemicals inside the home. Open a window occasionally to let the toxic fumes out and bring fresh air in.
  2. Don't spray disinfectants. It's second nature to reach for a disinfectant to kill cold germs and flu viruses, but disinfectants only make things worse. Disinfectants contain the immunotoxicants cresol, phenol, ethanol, and formaldehyde, which reduce the ability of the immune system to fight the germs they are killing. Improved to strengthen the immune system to defend the body from germs as it should. If you require killing germs, use hot water or tea tree oil.
  3. Don't use "permanent" markers. These contain the solvents cresol, toluene and xylene, all powerful immunotoxicants. Choose water based markers instead.
  4. Don't use nonstick cookware. A 2008 study by the Environmental Working Group through West Virginia University found higher levels of a chemical in Teflon found in the blood of test subjects correlated with lower levels of a protein that helps the body fight bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Instead use cast iron, porcelain enamel, glass, clay, or one of the new PFOA-free "green pans."
  5. Sleep on untreated cotton or linen sheets. All polyester or cotton and permanent-press cotton sheets are treated with a formaldehyde finish that cannot be removed and continues to emit formaldehyde for the life of the sheet. Common symptoms from this immunotoxicants include runny nose, itchy eyes, and other cold and flu symptoms.

Know About Smoking

What Teens Need To Know About Smoking

By: Jon Simms,

Teens are innocent of the dangers of smoking because they see their elders merrily winded away. Peer coerced is another culprit that leads early people to smoke, but in some gear, smoking is an act of insolence or purely the findings of curiosity. If you think your teenager is into smoking and if your disbelief mark, be fretful and educate your spawn on the dangers of smoking.

Smoking and It's Threat to Life and Limb

Each year, millions of people die from smoking-linked diseases. The form is possible to improve yearly as more litter people are charming up the deadly vice. The youngest smoker is a 7-year-old kid who earns his keep scrounging for recyclable scraps.

This scenario is in a third world country and is just the tip of an iceberg. Smoking is ingestion away brood lives but earning governments billions of dollars in tax revenues. So the emanate remainder unresolved, similar to the early dire overall warming predictions, which many show to discount.

Several cancers results of time of smoking and infantile people are at a higher venture because of their early and prolonged exposure to the poison. Nevertheless quitting smoking is just as tricky as quitting heroin. Support groups are open to help people get out of the rat weakness and found living recovered lives. Nevertheless it is difficult. Smoking is not illegal and minors immovable smoking are not penalized. Therefore, the vicious rotation continues. If you parent with youth who smoke, you should be alarmed and take immediate action to help your teens desert the addictive routine.

Helping Teens Quit Smoking

A distraught mom reported that her son and daughter were immovable smoking in their rooms. The betraying whiff of cigarette smoke gave away the enigma. Empty cigarette packs and cigarette butt were open in the gibberish bin. Alarmed, she reported the skirmish to her husband, also a non-smoker and together they educated their children on the dangers of smoking, enlisting them in rehabilitation and keep program to help wean their children from smoking.

If you can't fastener your children smoking at home, try to find out who they sling out with, and where they consume time after educate. Somehow, superstar will be able to tell you if your teenager's contacts are into smoking for the fun of it.

Telling your son or daughter not to go with their smoking links will not yield any capable significance. Instead, provoke their links over and show them YouTube videos on the irreversible effects of smoking on the body. Give them books on the produce of smoking or invite a surgeon to your children's drill or to a homeowners' association seminar to converse the perils of smoking. Organize parents and ask the teach's administration and faculty to wage war on smoking. There shouldn't be smoking and non-smoking areas in schools. Instead, smoking should be banned outright. Amid protests, you can always make it obvious that sometimes parents and teachers have to be cruel to be kind. Smoking is deadly and there is no other euphemism for it.

Be unswerving in your labors to wage war against teen smoking. Smoking teens will be smoking adults and will undergo the consequences in the upcoming. Instead of waiting at disaster to assault, plus the movement now. If you fondness your teens, put your bottom down. They'll thank you for your sustained labors to help them get rid of a deadly and costly addiction.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Period of 2008, I

The participants of Basic and Advanced Pranic Healing Trainers Training had photo session with the instructors. February 2008.

Pranic Healers from Bali presented closing session. February 2008.

Pranic Healing Retreat Workshop was held by YPI Representative of Semarang in Azaya Hotel, Bandungan. February 2008.

The series of workshops by Master Herminia began from Semarang, then in Kupang an they were continued in Denpasar. The picture shows that the participants of Soul Realization workshop in Kupang were diligently listening to the explanantion by Master Herminia. February 2008.

Four police personnels of Kupang, who participated in Soul Realization Workshop, posed for picture taking with Master Herminia.

Every Sunday morning, Denpasar’s Pranic Healers gathered in the beach for Twin Hearts Meditation. In every event, more than 40 people participated. The picture shows that Master Herminia led the meditation. February 2008.

The day after, "Acheiving Oneness With The Higher Soul" Workshop was held and 50 people participated in the workshop. It was interesting seminar so all participants were impressed and did not want to move from their seats. February 2008.

Arhatic Yoga Workshop in Denpasar was held in Pusva Clinic. It was one of the series of event by Master Herminia in Denpasar. February 2008.

Pranic Healers from Jakarta participated on a TV Quiz.

Prana Santa community, Jakarta, listen seriously the Pranic Healing in depth techniques for handling cancer, kidney failure etc.

Pranic Healing talk show at radio Sonora, Jakarta.

Four Indonesia National Pranic Healing Foundation representatives on World Pranic Healers Convention, Germany.


Celebration of Founder’s Day in Denpasar, Bali on Augusts 15, 2008 at night. More than 125 participants attended the event. It was also celebrated in various cities in Indonesia.

For the ceremony, an altar with offering was made as an expresson of gratitude.

Two Balinese monks led the ceremony of ”Guru Dhaksina” to respect and express thanks to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui for his generosity to give priceless teaching.

The event was opened with Legong dance performance to welcome the guests. That day was also a special day for Pranic Healers community in Bali because their top trainer received Senior Pranic Healer Certificate. So, they made the event greater.

After meditation, Cendrawasih and Jangger Dance was presented by Balinese Pranic Healers.

Thanks for 100 posters from All Gratitude, Philippines. In this event, these posters were distributed to the audience.

Without any request, the Pranic Healers brought some birthday cake and tumpeng (traditional cone-shaped yellow rice) to celebrate the founder's day.

Tumpeng consists of yellow rice, set on the tampah (place plaited from bamboo), which covered by banana leaf, combined with various side dishes, which of course for vegetarian.

They were in the session to cut Tumpeng (cone-shaped yellow rice). It is traditional ceremony to celebrate important days and gratitude.

First Tumpeng piece was dedicated to Master Choa Kok Sui.

It was not easy and stressful to prepare big event like this and keep the secret alone because the message from Jakarta told so, to give surprise to Bali's Prana community.

As the surprise, that night, we gave “Senior Pranic Healer Certificate” to I Nyoman Gede Astawa, for his ability of healing and achievement to spread Pranic Healing teaching in Bali and Timor. We hope several years later we have a Master. So Be It!!

This is the only certificate in Indonesia and only view in the World.

Mrs.Astawa gave the certificate to her husband.

A singer, who was also a Pranic Healer, presented the song for GMCKS.

Together, they sang the song “Sempurna” as the love expression to Master Choa Kok Sui. Sempurna means perfect.

Wonderful! Beside dancers and singers, Balinese Pranic Healers also have many artist: musicians, poets, comedians, photographers, journalists, MCs, etc. The event at that night was very lively.

It is traditional comedy from Bali. It's very funny.

They are “gamelan” players. Gamelan is Balinese percussion.

Reading the poem for Master Choa Kok Sui.

Poem and song presented for Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. "Swastiastu…, Swastiastu…."

Period of 2007, II

Hiking to Mount Bromo with Master Herminia. The session started by watching rising sun from Penanjakan where the air was very cold.

Riding a horse to crater of Mount Bromo, 2007

Visiting Flower Garden in Sawiran, 2007

Free service was conducted in Cimahi in collaboration with local Gramedia bookstore. People showed high interest in it. Unfortunately, The rain fell all day long so only 200 patients came. The social service was held by Pranic Healers from Jakarta, Bandung and Cirebon. April 2007

The day after, the Free Service was continued in IITC Mall Kopo, in collaboration with Gramedia Bookshop. The patients in that event were more than 300 people. April 2007

The participants of 4th National Pranic Healers Gathering in Kaliurang, Jogjakarta were Mental-Physic Exercise, which was discussed. May 2007

The Gathering participants from Jakarta went by Big Bird Bus. They did not have time to take a rest because had chit-chat along the trip. May 2007.

Pranic Healing Free Service was back in Cirebon, located in a school. Pranic Healers from Jakarta, Cirebon and Bandung cooperated to participate in that free service. The patients were about 150 people from various social ladders. June 2007.

Pranic Healers Retreat for Bali was conducted in a cave at Bedugul. The air in the cave was very cold and the participats still had to sit with pillow on the floor because of no chair. However, beacuse the lesson was so interesting, two days seemed to them very brief. Agustus 2007.

Participants of Pranic Psychotherapy had photo session together after the end of workshop. July 2007.

A day after, Pranic Psychotherapy Workshop was also held in Kupang. The workshop participants took their picture together for memento. July 2007.

Arhatic Yoga was guided by Master Herminia. It was also held in Kupang. August 2007.

Meeting with Jakarta Instructors in Pranava Clinic, September 2007.

Pranic Crystal Healing Workshop was also held in Pranava Clinic. The picture shows that the participants and Master Herminia, in her birthday, took their photo together. September 2007.

Intructors meeting discussed new technique of Introductory Course in Prana Anggur Clinic, Jakarta, September 2007. The participants were seriously watched the video of Mini-Orientation, guided by Master Herminia. October 2007.

Free Service and Pranic Healing programs were conducted in Oeleta, 15 kilometres from Kupang. The picture shows that workshop trainees were practicing general sweeping. September 2007.

In addition to the service in Oeleta, Free Service was also conducted in paralel way in Kefamenanu, 5 hours trip to the northen of Kupang. September 2007. In this service, 4 instructors from Jakarta and 2 instructors from Jogjakarta showed up.

Free service and introductory seminar were held in Vihara Dhammajaya Temple, Surabaya, December 2007

Photo session after the free service.

To pose for picture in front of Sonora Broadcasting office, Surabaya.

Interactive Question and answer about Pranic Healing at Radio Sonora, Surabaya.

Free healing service at Trimedia Bookstore, Surabaya before proceeding the introductory seminar.

Massage, after doing full day free healing.